What is Morituri Te Salutamus?

MTS is a raiding guild. Our goal is to complete current end-game content before the release of new content.

We are friends. We are committed to each other. A big part of our fun is in the fact that we are doing new things together. If this guild were only about loot, none of us would be here.

We work together to make things happen. We cannot be successful individually without the group being successful as a whole. That means that we are unselfish. We celebrate the accomplishments of our fellows as much as we appreciate our own.

We respect one another. We consider the impacts of our actions on our friends and control ourselves accordingly.

MTS is an adult guild, so we ask that ALL applicants be 20 or older when they apply.


  • Have fun
  • Raid all end-game content
  • Don’t kill ourselves to do it


Our rules are simple:

  • Be mature
  • No drama
  • Adhere to Blizzard’s Terms of Service

We will not tolerate anyone breaking these rules. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Undermining the guild in any way
  • Applying to other guilds
  • Being deceitful
  • Being selfish
  • Instigating or perpetuating drama
  • Leaving raids without reason
  • Constant begging in gchat, whether for groups, items, gold, etc
  • Displaying rude or annoying behavior, such as trolling trade or general chat or forums


Guild members are encouraged to speak their minds on all things, in a respectful manner. We have never removed anyone for having an opinion different from leadership’s — we have thick skins and will listen to any and all criticisms. We do our best to resolve things as amicably as possible. Leadership decisions are final. Continuing to dispute any decision publically or privately will not be tolerated.

If you decide that we aren’t the guild for you, then gquit — we won’t take it personally.

Raid Times

We raid three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Invites start at 7:45 pm EST, raid leader instructions start at 7:45, first pull no later than 8 pm. Raids end promptly at 11 pm.

Raiders are expected to be available for every raid, and online by 7:30. Log-ins after 7:45 will be considered late. Repeated late arrivals, or absences above 20%, will put your raid slot in jeopardy.

We will carry more members than we have available raid slots. Our goal is to carry only enough people to ensure a full, well-balanced raid every time.

Conduct During Raids

What the Raid Leader says, goes. Raid Leaders have full authority to boot people from the raid as they feel necessary.

People who don’t follow good raiding practices will be dropped from raider status. If you have to ask what constitutes good raiding practices, then we aren’t the guild for you.

People are encouraged to provide feedback to the Raid Leader. If the Raid Leader asks for suggestions during a raid, then speak up; otherwise, wait until the raid is over or post it in the forums.

Each role maintains a separate chat channel to discuss tactics and set assignments. Roughly, roles equate to Tanks, Melee, Ranged, and Healing.

Use of Mumble with a working microphone is mandatory for raiding.


Raiding members must:

  • Meet 80% attendance. That does not mean 100% attendance for farm nights and 66% attendance for progression nights. Dropping below required attendance results in a bump from raider status and your slot will be recruited.
  • Meet benchmarks and maintain performance. Each raiding member will be evaluated on generic raiding ability (survivability, adaptability) and role-specific criteria (DPS/damage, threat management, healing assignment.) Dropping below acceptable performance results in a bump from raider status and your slot will be recruited.
  • Give least 24-hours notice when they will be absent. If something comes up last minute, tell us as soon as you can. And no, “my friends decided we’re going out drinking” is not a valid absence.

If you have an emergency, take care of it. We’ll work it out afterward. A pattern of emergencies will count against you, so make sure they’re emergencies.

Failing to show without notice will result in an EP deduction of 420. A pattern of no shows will result in a bump from raider status and your slot will be recruited. If you have a valid reason, talk to us and we may reinstate you.

Raiding members with continuing attendance issues jeopardize their raid slot. If your circumstances change, talk to us. We may grant up to a one-month waiver if we deem it warranted.

Anyone not logged in for more than one month may be gkicked.

Guild Activities

We will offer some type of guild-sponsored activity on occasion, such as a 10m or 25m alt raid or a retro raid. Officers may set these up, but they will not necessarily actively lead or run them.

PUGs are your friends. Members are allowed to run any non-reserved instance either in-guild or with a PUG. We do not allow members to join another guild’s raid. If you want to try out with another guild, then quit this one first.

We are not a leveling guild.


Raiding members must:

  • Adhere to our attendance policy. If you fall below our minimum attendance or simply fail to show up for a raid without warning, you will be bumped to Casual Member status.
  • Meet our benchmarks for performance. If you fall below our benchmarks, you will be bumped to Casual Member status and we will open recruiting for your slot.
  • Reserve the Raid IDs for MTS. Raiders are not allowed to run reserved content with other guilds or pugs. Any who do will be bumped or removed. An exception to this may be made for transfers, depending upon the timing of the transfer.

Casual Members

Casual Members may be invited to raids on an as-needed basis. Casual Members may request to be bumped to raider status but to be accepted there must be an open slot for their class/spec and they must meet performance and attendance requirements.

Casual members do not have attendance requirements.


Initiates are people trying out for a raid slot. It is expected that initiates will never miss a raid.


Members are encouraged to guild their alts with MTS. The following rules apply to alts:

  • Alts are not allowed in other raiding guilds, whether 25m or 10m focused.
  • Alts may PUG* all level of content in any instance.

* 24 people from Guild X and you does not constitute a PUG. A PUG is defined as no more than 50% of the players from any one guild. If you want to raid with another guild, that’s fine — just leave this one first. We will view such cases as a stated intent to leave.

Violation of this policy may result in a warning, demotion or gkick, at the discretion of the officers.

Guild Size

The guild will provide enough players to consistently field a full and balanced 10 man raid. The total size of the guild may fluctuate according to our current roster’s ability to raid.

Different classes may have different membership quotas. Recruiting will reflect these conditions.

We recruit only for 10 man raid content.

Guild Resources

We provide a Mumble server and a website to its members free of charge. All costs are absorbed by the guild leadership.

The Mumble server accommodates both PC and Mac.

Mumble can be fun. Talk with your guildies about anything, but keep it respectful. We rely on the discretion and good taste of our members to regulate themselves. Individuals are responsible for knowing which conversations they wish to participate in and for switching Vent channels as needed.

The website contains all guild-related information. All members are expected to read the forums regularly. If information is posted, then there is no excuse for not knowing it.

Anyone caught abusing these resources will be removed from the guild. Abuse is defined as but not limited to the following types of behaviors:

  • Anything that violates Blizzard’s Terms of Service
  • Interviewing for acceptance into another guild
  • Threatening or insulting a fellow guildie or non-guild member
  • Using deceit, lies, or misdirection to undermine confidence or generate discontent in the guild

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